At a time when it becomes more and more difficult in music to create something truly special, it happens that a diamond will shine. The Norwegian Leprous band is such a diamond. The simple definition of “prog metal” does not give a clear understanding of the band’s work, and it is virtually impossible to compare Leprous with any other band. In their compositions, progressiveness borders on simplicity, metal with classic, and mathematical playing with the sound of cello or keyboards. Everything is completed with a vocal that will remain in your memory for a long time. This band is not afraid to experiment and will positively surprise many rock fans!


This is a Swedish formation inspired by classics such as King Crimson or Emerson Lake & Palmer. In their music, you can hear an unusual attachment to tradition and Nordic folklore, but also a classic approach to rock playing, using the magic sound of the mellotron. It is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable bands in Scandinavian prog rock.


It is a British formation founded in 1998 in Liverpool by Mick Moss and the bassist and former member of Anathem – Duncan Patterson. Currently, Antimatter is a solo project of Moss focusing on genres such as art rock, prog rock, shoegaze, and grunge, but also returning in some songs to the original darkwave atmosphere of the group. The musician is characterized by a deep voice that guides fans with power and sensitivity through stories full of dark and deep emotions. Antimatter concerts are highly appreciated by fans who value the directness and energy of Moss.

Kari Rueslåtten

Norwegian singer, songwriter, and pianist. Her music is often shrouded in an esoteric and mystical atmosphere, and Kari herself seems to operate on the correct assumption that a well-placed whisper can be as powerful as singing loudly. Her lyrics are intelligent and unpretentious, and the whole music is a pleasant journey through the areas of the far north. The singer is also known for her former collaboration with metal groups The 3rd and the Mortal and The Storm.


RPWL are representatives of progressive rock and art rock from Freising in Bavaria. The band was founded in 1997, initially as a Pink Floyd cover band, but it quickly turned out that the musicians successfully create their own songs, gathering an ever wider group of fans. During the quarter-century-long career, RPWL has released 19 albums and they don’t stop! The latest studio album, “Tales From Outer Space”, made it to multiple charts and successfully placed the science fiction theme as the basis for seven great songs. RPWL has accustomed fans to the fact that their concerts are a surprising spectacle with a rich visual layer, scenery and colourful outfits.


The group was founded in 2001 by Michał Wojtas, who has been the group’s leader and main composer for twenty years. Apart from him, it is composed of Marta Wojtas, Konrad Zieliński and Kornel Popławski. The musicians create mainly instrumental compositions combining progressive rock, ambient, trip-hop and folk. Their music touches the heart and sounds great, especially live, thanks to the use of unusual instruments such as a wind chime or theremin. It can be said that the artists take the listener with each successive tact to the world of beautiful landscapes of emotions painted with excellent music. You just have to experience it!

Crystal Palace

Along with the aforementioned The Watch, they are veterans of the neo prog rock scene. The band gained fame and positive feedback with the release of “Through the Years” (2005), which enabled them to perform regularly live with other international artists at European festivals. The band’s sound is characterized by melodic passages and instrumentally refined themes that make the listener drown in pleasant musical sensations.


This band from Leszno was founded in 2005 by Robert Kusik and Maciej Klimek, who were soon joined by other members. Retrospective music cannot be included in one genre, as they create a wide spectrum from art through prog to hard rock. The band’s songs are a combination of a characteristic melody, sharper guitar insertions, and a strong voice. The band has already held over 200 concerts, each of which was a real rock show captivating the audience. They performed alongside such artists as Behemoth, Lazuli, Coma, Riverside, and RPWL

Distant Dream

Distant Dream is a band from Gdańsk that plays instrumental music post-rock / ambient metal with influences of progressive. Currently, it has three albums, the debut of which exceeded 2 million views on YouTube. The band played many concerts, including as a support for The Gathering in Warsaw or the United Arts Festival led by Riverside. Endorsers of Polish Skervesen guitars and Czarcie Kopyto percussion equipment. The sounds of Distant Dream are very atmospheric, emotional, and filled with beautiful guitar melodies.

Here on Earth

From the very beginning, the project assumed that his work should be focused on music from the borderline of alternative and progressive rock. The compositions are based primarily on melodic vocal lines and brutal guitar riffs, complemented by the spatial sounds of the keys. Here on Earth has released two well-received albums: .In.Ellipsis. (2016) and Thallium (2018), whose positive reviews appeared, among others, in music magazines such as Top Guitar, Eclipsed, and Fireworks.